Terms and Conditions

1 General
1.1 All business of the company Hubner Digital Speedometer Service (hereinafter " Seller") , the following general terms and conditions ( GTC) shall apply in the current version .

1.2 This can be both entrepreneurs and consumers. Contractor within the meaning of the terms and conditions are natural or legal persons or partnerships with legal personality , is entered into business relations with those who act in a commercial or independent professional activity is based in Germany or the EU. Consumer within the meaning of the terms and conditions are natural persons is entered into business relations with those without these can be attributed to a commercial or independent professional activity residing in Germany or the EU.

2 Offer, conclusion , sequence
The services listed within the online presence of the seller does not represent the seller of binding offers , it is rather the invitation to the customer to make a binding offer by placing an order. First, select your model from please / brand. Do not you find their model in the list, then call us : 0511 807 2337th Then click on "Order" . Please fill out the online order form and then click "Next / Submit" and print job. After printing your order is already with us in editing. By filling out the online form for the repair job is still no contract. Please repack the signed or stamped order together with the device in a shipping carton. Send us the defective unit securely packaged to by post or courier . The contract comes into effect when we received the unit with repair order from you. The contract is with the explicit assumption of the repair order in writing or repair the goods by the seller about. As far as the Seller is entitled to accept the contractual offer of the customer within three business days after receipt of the repair order to accept . After receiving the unit will be repaired in the next two hours, and returned on the same day. When a repair order for Mercedes EZS key or battery replacement for Mercedes key for empty or weak batteries is automatically performed ( 3,80 € / piece ) . We use Mercedes- Benz Genuine Parts ( VARTA -A 0008280388 ) pixel errors or instrumentation lighting repairs jerk Shipping takes up to 24 hours. Pixel error repairs in our workshop , by appointment, will be carried out within an hour. Repair duration for navigation Advised CD / DVD drives , processors - by arrangement. If you have any problems with the term , or have no print option , so please contact us. A contract award is also possible without expression. When the customer fills no repair order , but we still send a unit in for repair , he hereby agrees automatically to the customer and is with our Terms and conditions agreed. In this case, the arrived unit will be repaired with or without repair order. If the device is not sent only for review and repair , the customer must indicate clearly in writing . The notice must be sent to the device. If the customer wishes before repairing a price proposal , it must also point out in writing and, consequently, to share his contact information. It is not the case, then the device is checked , repaired, and sent to the customer .

3 Prices , terms of payment
3.1 All prices mentioned ( Cash on Delivery 15EUR see § 3.3 when paying in advance or payment by invoice 8.02 EUR . ) Are in EUR inclusive of legal value added tax without any cash or other rebates plus jerk Returns shown at the time of order. The prices can also be found on our website at any time the link " prices " .

3.2 For price and cost increases between order confirmation and delivery , the seller is entitled to make a corresponding adjustment to the prices , as far as it concerns commercial transactions or transactions with legal entities or special fund under public law. For transactions with consumers who are settled within four months of the appointment , the vendor for this period is bound to the confirmed prices . For call orders , the period between order and delivery schedule is relevant for the calculation of that period.

3.3 The seller decides whether the store for consumers is done by cash on delivery or invoice. Please note that in addition to the shipping costs a COD fee , for example, is levied on the UPS. This collection fee is made on account of the UPS and will not be shown on the repair bill . Decides the new customer against a COD shipment, so the advance payment prior to delivery of the device must be carried out at HDTS . Payment in advance No COD fees. For customers that are already stored in our database , payment by invoice and is due within 10 calendar days of receipt.

3.4 If the customer is a consumer, the seller bears regardless of the transport in each case, the transit risk (in this case only if the packaging is from the seller / and only jerk shipping). If the customer is an entrepreneur, all risks and dangers of the shipment over to the customer once the goods have been transferred from the seller to the logistics contractor .

3.5 The delivery or performance period applies to entrepreneurs even as kept, if the contract is not immediately accessed or collected after notification of completion or collection within one week . If delivery or acceptance is delayed due to circumstances for which the purchaser or purchaser is responsible , it shall be , if he is an entrepreneur , calculated after the expiry of one week from notification of completion or collection which, if the seller or third party storage costs calculated. At the same time the storage risk passes to the buyer or customer . If the buyer or customer , insofar as it is a business, after notification of readiness, the decrease long as two weeks in residue , then the seller after setting a grace period of two weeks may at his option , to withdraw from the contract or claim damages instead of performance to demand .

3.6 GERAT the customer defaults on payments , the seller is entitled to charge default interest at the rate of 5 percentage points above the base rate . For transactions in which a consumer is not involved, the interest rate for accounts receivable is 8 percentage points above the base rate . The assertion of further damages is reserved. The purchaser or purchaser has the right to prove lower damages .

3.7 The purchaser or purchaser is only entitled to set-off , provided that the claims were undisputed or legally binding. A lien is excluded with entrepreneurs. If the buyer or customer is a consumer, he is entitled to retention rights only on the basis of claims from the same contractual relationship .

4 Loaner
Our commercial customers we Leihtachos free at your disposal. Private customers are generally not offered loaners .

5 Conditions
If you are (see § 1.2 our terms ) within the meaning of § 14 German Civil Code ( BGB ) entrepreneurs and act upon conclusion of the contract in the performance of your commercial or self-employment, no right of withdrawal . Consumers are at :

You can cancel your contract declaration within one month without giving reasons in writing ( eg letter, fax, e -mail) or - if the goods before the deadline - by returning your thing . In the provision of services , the time limit begins after receipt of this instruction in text form , however not before conclusion of the contract and also not before fulfillment of our information obligations pursuant to Article 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 paragraph 1 and 2 draft Law and our obligations according to § 312e paragraph 1 sentence 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 BGB. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation or thing. The revocation must be sent to: Hubner Digital Speedometer Service Gliwice Strasse 4 30855 Hannover / Langenhagen Fax: +49 ( 0) 511 215 67 40 Email:

consequences of revocation
In case of an effective cancellation the mutually received benefits are to be returned and any benefits ( eg interest ) surrendered. Compensation claims are not made ??by us asserted . Transportable items are to be returned at our risk. You have to bear the cost of returning your , if the delivered goods ordered corresponds and if the price of the returned goods does not exceed an amount of 40 euros or if you are at a higher price the thing at the time of the revocation yet the return or a contractually have produced agreed partial payment . Otherwise, return shipping is free for you . Not parcel things do you pick . Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days . The period begins for you when you send your cancellation or the goods, for us with their reception. Cautions When a service goes your right prematurely if we started with the execution of the service with your explicit consent before the end of the revocation period or you yourself have caused this . End of cancellation policy

6 Jerk costs when exercising the right of withdrawal
If the customer is a consumer ( any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for a purpose that can not be attributed neither commercial nor their independent vocational activity ) a right of withdrawal according to § 312 para 1 sentence 1 BGB , he will be charged upon exercise of the imposed right of withdrawal , the regular cost of the jerk goods if the price returned the case of an amount of 40 , - does not exceed EUR or if at a higher price the thing the customer has the consideration or a contractually agreed partial payment at the time of the revocation not yet rendered , it unless the goods are not as ordered. Otherwise, return shipping is free of charge for the customer . In all other cases , the seller bears the cost of returning your .

7 Warranties, liability
For the adhesion and performance awareness , the statutory provisions . The awareness warranty period for used items is 12 months. Claims for damages shall remain unaffected by this provision. Any guarantees limit the legal awareness performance claims not one.

8 Consumer information on distance to contracts for the acquisition of goods
8.1 Special and not mentioned above conduct is not subject to the seller .

8.2 The key features of the services offered by the seller as well as the validity of limited offers , please refer to the individual product as part of the internet publication. The standing for the conclusion of the contract grouting language is German .

8.3 Complaints and awareness performance claims you can make at the address indicated in the Imprint . Information for payment , delivery or performance , please refer to the offer.

8.4 Repair your order will only be binding if they send it together with the goods to us. Until then, you have the opportunity to recognize your entries in the repair order and to correct or cancel the repair order by leaving the page.

8.5 The contract text ( repair order) and the data entered by you will be stored by the seller. We will send you an order confirmation with all information to your specified e- mail address, in which you once again all the essential data of your order be communicated. With the print function of your browser you have the option of printing the contract text . You also have the option to print the General Terms and Conditions and your order with all data entered during the ordering process. You can also save the contract text in which you store it by clicking the right mouse button, the website on your computer.

9 final provisions
9.1 The contractual relationship between the seller and the customer and the respective terms and conditions, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. If the customer is a consumer, the existing under the laws of the country of residence of the customer in favor of the consumer's existing legal provisions and rights of this agreement shall remain unaffected. The application of the CISG is excluded.

9.2 Are the aforementioned provisions in whole or in part, become part of the contract or ineffective , the contract shall remain valid . Where provisions have not become part of the contract or invalid, the content of the contract is governed by the statutory provisions.

9.3 The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the court at our headquarters where the customer is a merchant according to the Commercial Code or a public corporation .